Granite Countertop Edges – Different Alternatives Available in the Market

Choosing Granite Countertop Edges

Surprisingly, only a handful of homeowners pay attention to the type of granite countertop edges while shopping for the right granite slab for their homes. The different types of granite counter edges are.granite-countertops-raleigh-edges

- Rounded Edges.

- Beveled Edges.

- Curved Edges.

- Fancier Edges.

Still, you can merge curved countertop edges with straight edges to achieve a unique design. On the other hand, you can request for a customized granite countertop edge. In comparison to other types of edges, straight edges are quite affordable. But, this does not mean that it is less durable and versatile. The square finishing applied on straight edges function in preventing chipping.

Traditional Granite Countertop Edges

If you want to achieve a traditional look, opt for granite countertops with squared-off straight edges as well as beveled edges. These types of granite slab edges tend to have either sharp or rounded angles. However, most consumers tend to prefer granite counters with rounded edges. Perhaps, it is because rounded edges are cozier compared to sharp edges. You can easily lean against a rounded edge counter for a long time than you would with an angular countertop edge.

Rounded edges are also commonly referred to as eased edges. These types of designs tend to have straight edges that have been rounded off. To achieve a bullnose edge, the full breadth of the edge has to be rounded. Full bullnose edges are akin to semicircle edges. Then again, you can choose between a full and half-bullnose. Half-bullnose only has the top edge rounded. However, the curves on the edges come into contact with the base of the countertop, thereby forming a 90-degree angle.

Complex Granite Countertop Edges

Modest beveled, rounded and straight countertop edges are basically industry standards. Generally, the cost incurred in producing these edges is quite minimal. As such, counter slabs with beveled, rounded or straight edges are quite affordable. However, there are also complex and intricate designs available in the market for homeowners who are looking for unique appearance. These types of countertop edges are quite costly compared to traditional edges. Examples of decorative granite countertops are:

- Concave rounded edges: These types of countertop edges are also commonly referred to as cove edges. They tend to give the granite slab a grooved edge.

- Ogee edges: This type of design combines both convex and concave arcs thereby enabling it to portray a stylish s-shaped silhouette.

- Dupont edges: This type of design combines bullnose curve with sharp and straight angles.

Complex granite countertop edges are suitable for homeowners who would like to apply contemporary design and décor in their homes.

There are a few things which you need to keep in mind when trying to choose the right edge design. For example, slabs with 2-centimeter thickness are suitable for consumers who are looking for a simple and traditional design. Slabs with 3-centimeter thickness are suitable for consumers who are looking for and fancy and complex designs.

Choose a granite countertop edge which can effortlessly complement the décor as well as the mood used in the kitchen or bathroom. It is important that you balance the glamor of the countertop edge design with comfort plus practicality. This is especially important if you want to fit the countertop in the kitchen.

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